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Top 3 Reasons You Need An Engagement Session


I have Brides and Grooms ask me

“We will have so many images from our wedding day…why do we need to have an engagement session?”

The answer to this is…of course not. This is your wedding and your engagement and you can do whatever you want. BUT, I want to help you understand why I care so much about you having an engagement session!

Embrace the Season – Part 2 – Spring


Spring is such an amazing time in the world. Everything is brand new, soft, and lovely! We get new flowers, trees, animals, clothing lines, and so much more! I’ve put together my favorite Spring wedding inspiration for you!

Why have a Wedding Day Timeline?


I have a lot of brides ask me “Why do I need a timeline? What is the point?” There are 3 reasons why I genuinely think a timeline is vital to a stress-free, beautifully photographed wedding.

10 things I learned as a bride


When I think back on my wedding day there are certain things that stand out very clearly in my mind that I learned…

Embrace the Season – Part 3 – Summer


Summers are perfect for weddings!! It is warm into the night and people love staying up late! If you’ve chosen to have a summer wedding here are some ideas for you!!

Say No…You can do it!!!


Having to say no can be really hard!!! I said no to a lot of things that our parents wanted or that we thought we HAD to do! Don’t feel bad for saying no. It is your wedding after all!

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